a duck was given $9 riddle answer

a duck was given $9 riddle answer / a duck was given 9 dollars riddle answer
a duck was given $9 riddle answer / a duck was given 9 dollars riddle answer

a duck was given $9 riddle

a duck was given $9 riddle

Everyone loves to solve riddles and teasers. Recently, that’s what happened on the internet and social media. The nerds, geeks and just about everyone who loves a good riddle was forced to confront “a duck was given $9 riddle“. We are going to share it below and implore you to put on your thinking cap and come up with the correct answer.

Ever since this riddle “a duck was given $9” appeared online, many have tried to answer it and only few have been able to get its answer right.

(Don’t worry, “a duck was given $9 riddle” answer is included.)

a duck was given $9 riddle

A duck was given $9,
a spider was given $36,
a bee was given $27.
Based off of this information, how much money would be given to a cat?

a duck was given $9 riddle answer :

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The correct answer to a duck was given $9 riddle is: $18 ($4.50 PER LEG) (4.5 dollars * 4 legs )

  • This question bases itself on the number of legs a duck, a spider, a bee and a cat have generally.
  • A duck has two legs, so dividing 9 dollars by 2, we get 4.5 dollars. That’s the value each leg has for each creature.
  • We can verify this, by looking at how a spider has eight legs, and 8×4.5 dollars=36 dollars, which is the amount of money given to the spider.
  • Similarly, a bee has six legs, and 6×4.5 dollars=27dollars.
  • Now that we’ve verified that the money is given based on the number of legs each animal has, and that each leg is worth 4.5 dollars, a cat would be given 4×4.5dollars= 18 dollars, because a cat has four legs. So the right answer is $18.


  • A duck has two wings. A bee has four wings and a spider has none. A cat also has no wings, so a cat will receive the same amount as the spider => 36 dollars.
  • A cat belongs to the clade of tetrapodal [organisms with four limbs], as does the duck. Therefore the cat receives the same amount of money as the duck => 9 dollars.
  • Cats get million dollars. Cats are wonderful creatures because they are so fluffy and cute.
  • A cat will go after ducks, spiders and bees. Therefore the cat receives $9 + $36 + $27 = $72.
    Yes, I fully realize that these are not the answers you are looking for. I’m just posting this to show the arbitrary nature of questions like this.

Assuming there’s a mathematical order to this (not a troll question) the things that stand out would be that all the numbers are divisible by 3 and 9, and the main difference between ducks, spiders, bees, and cats would be the number of legs. From there we have the following
–> Duck ( two legs) => 3 x 3 = 9 x 1
–> Bee ( six legs) => 3 x 9 = 9 x 3
–> Spider ( eight legs) => 3 x 12 = 9 x 4
It’s now easy to see. Therefore, if n = pairs of legs, then the amount of money each animals receives is 9n. A cat with 2 pairs of legs would receive 2 x 9 = $18

The correct answer to a duck was given $9 riddle is: $18.
Formula : (No. of legs *5) – (No. of legs)/2
A duck has 2 feet. It gets 2*5 – (2/2) = 10 – 1 = $9
A spider has 8. It gets 8*5 – (8/2) = 40 -4 = $36
A bee has 6 feet. It gets 6*5 -(6/2) = 30 -3 = $27.
Thus, a cat with 4 legs would get 4*5 – (4/2) = 20 -2 =$18

I usually don’t answer these. 18 obviously. It could also be 3 to the power of the sum of how many vowels plus how many repeat vowels, the result of which is then multiplied by the number of consonants. So duck is 3^1 * 3 = 3*3 = 9, spider = 3^2 *4 = 9*4 = 36, bee is 3^3 * 1 = 27. Cat would be 3^1 * 2 = 6.

All multiples of nine and three and the only difference is the number of legs
so :
Duck has 1 pair 3 x 3 = 1 pair legs = $9
cat has 2 pairs of three 3 x 3 = 9 x 1 x 2 pairs = $18
Bee has 3 pairs of legs 3 x 3 x 3 pairs = $27
spider has 4 pairs so would be 3 x 3 x 4 pairs = $36

Leave a comment if you ACTUALLY got the correct solution before reading the complete article, or if you have an other answer for this riddle. And let us know if you’ve heard of any other great riddles!

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