chicken fox and corn riddle answer

chicken fox and corn riddle answer
chicken fox and corn riddle answer

chicken fox and corn riddle

chicken fox and corn riddle

Everyone loves to solve tricky and logical riddles. Recently, that’s what happened on the internet and social media. The nerds, geeks and just about everyone who loves a good challenging riddle was forced to confront “chicken fox and corn riddle“. We are going to share it below and implore you to put on your thinking cap and come up with the correct answer.

Ever since this riddle “chicken fox and corn” appeared online, many have tried to answer it and only few have been able to get its answer right.

you all been stuck on this riddle “chicken fox and corn” for so long 😭…

(Don’t worry, “chicken fox and corn riddle” answer is included.)

chicken fox and corn riddle

A man has to get a fox, a chicken, and a sack of corn across a river.
He has a rowboat, and it can only carry him and one other thing.
If the fox and the chicken are left together, the fox will eat the chicken.
If the chicken and the corn are left together, the chicken will eat the corn.
How does the man do it?

chicken fox and corn riddle answer :

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See the Answer Below – riddle

The correct answer to chicken fox and corn riddle is given below in steps:

  • First take the chicken across, drop it on the other side and come back to the fox and the corn .
  • Next, take the fox across, drop the fox and take the chicken back. (can’t keep the fox and chicken together)
  • Now Leave the chicken on the side and take the corn and cross the river then drop it with the fox. (fox and corn can be kept together)
  • At the end Come back empty and Take the chicken across.
  • All of then are transported safely across the river and the riddle is solved.


My brother said to me “why don’t you let the chicken eat the grain, let the wolf eat the chicken and only have one thing to cross”😂😂 I’m crying!

Why a farmer would buy a wolf is honestly beyond me…

I thought the chicken would run away if it was left by itself.

My teacher asked the class this and I didn’t take too long for me to get an answer it wasn’t that hard once I figured out how the puzzle works.

Leave a comment if you ACTUALLY got the correct solution before reading the complete article, or if you have an other answer for this riddle. And let us know if you’ve heard of any other great riddles!

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