mary has 4 daughters riddle answer – only for genius

mary has 4 daughters riddle answer
mary has 4 daughters riddle answer

mary has 4 daughters riddle

mary has 4 daughters riddle

Everyone loves to solve riddles and teasers. Recently, that’s what happened on the internet and social media. The nerds, geeks and just about everyone who loves a good riddle was forced to confront “mary has 4 daughters riddle“. We are going to share it below and implore you to put on your thinking cap and come up with the correct answer.

(Don’t worry, “mary has 4 daughters riddle” answer is included.)

mary has 4 daughters riddle

Mary has 4 daughters, each of her daughters has a brother, how many children does Mary have?

Ever since this riddle “mary has 4 daughters” appeared online, many have tried to answer it and only few have been able to get its answer right.

you all been stuck on this riddle “mary has 4 daughters” for so long 😭…

mary has 4 daughters riddle answer :

mary has 4 daughters riddle answer - only for genius
See the Answer Below – riddle

The correct answer mary has 4 daughters riddle is: Mary has Five children.

Logical explanation :

Mary has four children and each of them have a brother, that means they are all siblings,
Only one brother is there and it is applicable to each daughter.

Suppose you have 3 children. Two girls and a boy. Someone ask these girls individually “Did you have any brother?” Both girls are say “Yes”. It means ‘EACH GIRLS’ or ‘BOTH GIRLS’ have a brother.

So marry has four daughter and one son. Each daughter has a brother.

Mathematical explanation :

  • Given question is an interesting riddle which is tricky at the same time. Hints are given in the riddle itself.
  • Given – Mary has four daughters, and each of her daughters has one brother. How many children does Mary have?
  • Mary has four daughters. Let x be the daughter.
  • Four daughters mean – x + x + x + x
  • Each of her daughters has one brother – let y be the son.
  • Total children => x + x + x + x + y. => 5
  • She has Total 5 children, all of her daughters have the same 1 brother.
  • Hence, Required answer is 5.

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Leave a comment if you ACTUALLY got the correct solution before reading the complete article, or if you have an other answer for this riddle. And let us know if you’ve heard of any other great riddles!

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