stone silver gold and wood riddle alice in wonderland answer

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stone silver gold and wood riddle answer

stone silver gold and wood riddle alice in wonderland

stone silver gold and wood riddle alice in wonderland

stone silver gold and wood riddle alice in wonderland is one of the latest best riddles and puzzles that is trending online on the internet and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter …

Sometimes these viral riddles may be hard to answer, but they can be both engaging and enjoyable. Here in this article we are going to solve this riddle and provide the right ‘ stone silver gold and wood riddle alice in wonderland answer‘. So now let us solve this riddle.

Almost all people love to solve riddles, teasers and puzzles. Recently, the players, the nerds and just about everyone who loves to solve riddles was forced to confront ‘stone silver gold and wood riddle alice in wonderland‘. In this post we are going to share it and implore you to put on your thinking cap and come up with the correct answer.

Ever since this awesome ‘stone silver gold and wood riddle alice in wonderland‘ appeared online, a lot of people tried to solve it and only few have been able to find the right answer..

(Don’t worry, ‘stone silver gold and wood riddle alice in wonderland‘ answer is included.)

stone silver gold and wood riddle alice in wonderland

Riddles have a magic way of boosting your sense of reasoning because they keep your brain engaged, keep you mentally fit and also helps you to concentrate more.. It’s an excellent exercise for the mind.

Riddles are also a fun way to spend time as it involves reading in between the lines and understanding wordplay until you get the correct answer.

Riddles can also be a great way of training one’s mind to think outside the box…

Now that you know about these benefits, it’s time for you to put on your thinking cap on and solve this ‘stone silver gold and wood riddle alice in wonderland‘.


After many adventures in Wonderland, Alice has Once again found herself in the court of the temperamental queen of hearts, she is about to pass through the garden undetected when she over here’s the king and queen arguing, it quite simply says the queen. 64 is the same as 65 and that is that. After that without thinking, Alice Interjects and says “Nonsense” “if 64 were the same as 65 then it would be 65 and not at all.” After that, the queen says “what? How dare you!” ” I’ll prove it right now, and then it’s off with your head!“.
Before she can protest, Alice is dragged toward a field with two chessboard patterns, which is an 8 by 8 square and another one is !5 by 13 rectangle. After that the queen claps her hand and four odd-looking soldiers approach and lie down next to each other, covering the first chessboard. After that Alice sees that two of them are trapezoids with non-diagonal sides measuring 5x5x3, while the other two are long triangles with non-diagonal sides measuring 8×3.
After that the queen says “see, this is 64.” The queen claps her hands again and the soldiers get up again and rearrange themselves, and they lie down atop the second chessboard “And that is 65.” Alice gasps. Alice is certain the soldiers didn’t change size or shape moving from one board to the other but it is a mathematical certainty that the queen must be cheating somehow and at this point, the question arose can Alice wrap her head around what’s wrong- before she loses it?

You might need to read the riddle all over again. But, this time, try to take it slowly. Remember the answer of a riddle could be in the statement or question.

Are you still thinking about the answer to that riddle? Try a little harder, we are sure you can do it, and you’ll definitely see that you solved it correctly.

Are you ready to find out if your answer is correct?

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stone silver gold and wood riddle alice in wonderland answer

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The correct answer to ‘stone silver gold and wood riddle alice in wonderland ‘ is: Explained down below.

Just as things are not looking too good for Alice, she remembers her geometry and looks again at the trapezoid and triangle soldiers lying next to each other. The soldiers exactly look like they cover half of the rectangle and the edges of their forming one long line running from corner to corner.

If that is true, then the slopes of the soldier’s diagonal slides should be the same but when Alice calculates the slopes using the tried and true formula rise over run, Alice finds a most curious thing happening and the trapezoid soldier’s diagonal side started going up 2 slopes and over 5 slopes, giving it a slope of two fifths, or 0.4. The triangle soldier’s diagonal, however, goes up 6/3 and over 8, making its slope three rights, or 0.375. They are not the same at all! After that Alice drinks a bit of her shrinking potion to go in for a closer look before the queen’s guards can stop Alice.

Sure enough, there is a miniscule gap between the rectangles and trapezoids, forming a parallelogram that stretches the entire length of the board and accounts for the missing square. There is something even more curious about these numbers: they are all part of the Fibonacci series, where each number is the sum of the two preceding ones.

Fibonacci numbers have two properties First one is squaring a Fibonacci number gives you a value that is one more or one less than the product of the Fibonacci numbers on either side of it, in other words, 8 squares are one less than 5 times 13, and one more is 5 squares than 3 times 8 and the second one is the ratio between successive Fibonacci numbers is quite similar in fact, that it eventually covers the golden ratio and that is what allows devious royals to construct slopes that look deceptively similar. In fact, the queen of hearts could improvise together an analogous conundrum out of any four consecutive Fibonacci numbers.

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The Benefit of Riddles

Do you love a good and challenging riddle? Are you pleased if you can work it out? We really recommend that you share riddles with your children and family.

Riddles are not just fun but also more than this they are beneficial for children than you might first imagine and maybe in more ways than you might ever expect too! However we suggest that you don’t give them the answers away too quickly, otherwise many of the benefits are lost…

Riddles can support and improve children’s problem solving, critical thinking skills, logic, concentration, focus and brain dexterity.

Riddles make people laugh out loud. As we all know that laughter is the best thing for relaxing the brain and body, helping us encouraging positive mental health, release stress.

Riddles help people to bond with each other, when we are working out riddles together we become a team on a giant search.

Riddles is also a wonderful challenge which can help children to motivate and continue studying and working.

Riddles have been shown to improve children’s comprehension and creativity. They are likely to learn new words and new ways to use them, subliminally learning rhythm and rhyming.

Leave a comment if you ACTUALLY got the correct solution before reading the complete article, or if you have an other answer for this riddle. And let us know if you’ve heard of any other great riddles!

Be sure to share this awesome riddle with your family and friends on social media to see if they can answer it.

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#stone silver gold and wood riddle answer
#stone silver gold and wood one red piece riddle answer
#stone silver gold and wood riddle alice in wonderland answer
#stone silver gold and wood one red piece alone in one place stood riddle answer

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