waiter 30 dollars riddle (Can you find the missing dollar?)

waiter 30 dollars riddle /  The Missing Dollar riddle /  waiter 30 pound riddle
waiter 30 dollars riddle / The Missing Dollar riddle / waiter 30 pound riddle

waiter 30 dollars riddle / The Missing Dollar riddle / waiter 30 pound riddle

waiter 30 dollars riddle

Everyone loves to solve riddles. Recently, The nerds, geeks and just about everyone who loves a good riddle was forced to confront “waiter 30 dollars riddle” aka “The Missing Dollar riddle“.
In this article We are going to share the “waiter 30 dollars riddle” below and implore you to put on your thinking cap and come up with the correct solution/explanation.

(Don’t worry, “waiter 30 dollars riddle” solution is included.)

“waiter 30 dollars riddle” :

Three people check into a hotel. The clerk tells them that the bill for their stay is $30, so each person pays the clerk $10. The clerk puts the money in the cash register.

Later that night, the clerk realizes that he made a mistake and should have only charged the three guests $25. He pulls $5 in one dollar bills out of the register and tells the bellhop to return the money to the guests.

On the way to the room, the bellhop realizes that he cannot split the money evenly between the three people. As the guests don’t know that they were charged the incorrect amount for their room, the bellhop decides to simply give them $1 each and pocket the extra $2 as a tip. Each guest gets $1 back, so they each paid $9 for their room, totaling $27. The bellhop kept $2, and $27 + $2 = $29.

But the guests originally handed over $30. What happened to the missing dollar?

“waiter 30 dollars riddle” hind :

What would this problem look like if the clerk decided to refund the guests for $10 instead of $5? What about $20?

“waiter 30 dollars riddle” solution :

waiter 30 dollars riddle (Can you find the missing dollar?)
See the Answer Below – riddle

Most people on the internet haven’t been able to get “waiter 30 dollars riddle” solution right or believe that There are no disappearing dollars, only flawed logic..

you all been stuck on “The Missing Dollar riddle” for so long 😭…

Refund the money, find that elusive dollar, and then check the solution below …

The answer to “The Missing Dollar riddle” is actually that there is no “missing dollar”. Just the method used to calculate the total is simply flawed.

The premise that adding each of the three guest’s adjusted payment of $9, totaling $27, to the bellhop’s pocketed $2 will give you the total sum of money paid is incorrect. The difference is between the actual amount of money paid and the smaller amount of money that could have been paid, which cannot be used to accurately arrive at the total.

The correct method to add up the total is to look at where all the money actually is. There is $25 in the cash register, $2 in the bellhop’s pocket, and each of the three guests has $1.

$25 + $2 + $1 + $1 + $1 = $30.

To further illustrate how the original method of adding up the guests’ payments is flawed, let’s change the riddle a little. Let’s say that instead of realizing that the guests only owed $25, the clerk discovers that he should have only charged them $10. The clerk therefore gives the bellhop $20 to return. The bellhop gives each guest $6 and pockets the remaining $2, so each guest effectively only paid $4.

$4 + $4 + $4 + $2 = $14.

So where has the missing $16 gone?

This version makes it more obvious that the question is flawed.

The correct way to sum up the total would be $10 in the register, plus $2 in the bellhop’s pocket, plus $6 for each guest, which is indeed $30.

Another way to look at it is this:

The guests didn’t each pay $9, they paid $8.333 dollars and then received $1 each. So $8.333 x 3 = $25, and $25 + $3 + $2 = $30.

There are no disappearing dollars, only flawed logic.

Leave a comment if you ACTUALLY got the correct solution before reading the complete article. And let us know if you’ve heard of any other great riddles!

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