Who is it riddles – With answers

Who is it riddles With answers

What is it Riddles with answersWho is it Riddles with answers

Who is it Riddles / Who is it Riddles with answer / Who is it Riddles for kids with answer /Who is it Riddles for adults with answer

There are many different types of brain teasers, puzzles and riddles, but one of our favorites here at fb505 are Who is it Riddles also named What is it riddles. Maybe it’s because they bring back nostalgic memories of when we were kids. Whatever the reason, we love them and so we’ve put together this collection of the best What is it and Who is it riddles with answers.

We hope you enjoy our great collection of what is it or Who is it riddles and answers that’s will surely test your brain and logical thinking. Some are hard, some are easy, so there is something suitable for everyone of all levels and ages. If you find one that are very hard, try to clear your head and look at it from an completely different angle,if you still get stuck on it don’t be ashamed of seeing the answer. Enjoy!
Please share your favorite who is it riddles in the comments section and with your friends.

Note: “What is it?” and the similar “Who is it Riddles?” or “Who am I Riddles?” all have a very similar form. Many are rhymes and sound like limericks. They usually give multiple clues that leads you to an specific answer.

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