You Have A Bucket, A Cup And A Spoon: What Is The Fastest Way To Empty The Bathtub – Answer revealed

You Have A Bucket, A Cup And A Spoon: What Is The Fastest Way To Empty The Bathtub
You Have A Bucket, A Cup And A Spoon: What Is The Fastest Way To Empty The Bathtub

You Have A Bucket, A Cup And A Spoon: What Is The Fastest Way To Empty The Bathtub

This riddle puzzles thousands of Americans – I wonder if you’re clever enough to handle it

Challenging yourself in different ways is always fun, not to mention healthy. Whether it’s a run around the block or solving a few brainteasers, both types of exercises are equally helpful for keeping a fresh mind and body. However, in magazines and television, people usually focus only on the physical part of being healthy.

Exercising your brain is vital to keep up with the rest of the body, and it is always fun to overcome a challenge!
The riddle below has been circulating the web for a while, making thousands pull their hair out trying to find the answer – can you solve it?

Brainteasers, to most of us, means sitting on the couch with a newspaper and solving the puzzles that come with it, be it Sudoku or Crosswords. It is cozy, but the fact is, there are millions of online challenges just as exciting and fun (if not more).

The riddle that puzzles America “You Have A Bucket, A Cup And A Spoon: What Is The Fastest Way To Empty The Bathtub”

Thanks to the Internet, we have infinite options at our disposal when we are aching for a new challenge.

Among these is the next riddle, which has puzzled fellow countrymen throughout America.

It may look simple at first glance, but these challenges always have a hidden detail. Or do they? Who knows? Maybe overthinking is part of the problem.

What’s the fastest way to empty the bathtub?

Okay, here comes the riddle, check the picture below.

You Have A Bucket, A Cup And A Spoon: What Is The Fastest Way To Empty The Bathtub - Answer revealed
You Have A Bucket, A Cup And A Spoon: What Is The Fastest Way To Empty The Bathtub

There is a bathtub full of water. You have a bucket, a cup, and a spoon. The drain is broken, so you can’t unplug it. What is the fastest way to empty the bathtub?

Can you figure it out? Most people get it wrong when they rush.

Take your time. It’s essential to think outside the box!

Here is the answer to You Have A Bucket, A Cup And A Spoon: What Is The Fastest Way To Empty The Bathtub Riddle”

If you are not sure about the correct answer, we’ll tell you after the image bellow.

You Have A Bucket, A Cup And A Spoon: What Is The Fastest Way To Empty The Bathtub - Answer revealed
See the Answer Below – riddle

The correct answer is: draining it normally!

No, it wasn’t in the list as an option – but where did it say you had to use the bucket, cup, or spoon? The fastest way to empty the bathtub is by pulling the plug on it and letting it drain normally!

Before you leave, here is a funny joke about the riddle:

We give them a spoon, a cup and a bucket; and then ask ask them to empty the bathtub…

While I was being given a tour of a mental asylum, I asked the psychiatrist, “How do you establish whether or not a person should be committed to your institution?”

The doctor answered, “We have a standard test. We fill up a bathtub with water, then give the person a spoon, a cup and a bucket, and ask him or her to empty the bathtub.”

“I see,” I said. “A normal person would use the bucket because it’s much bigger than the spoon or the cup.”

“No,” said the doctor, “a normal person would pull the drain plug. Would you like a bed near the window?”

Now invite your friends to a good brainteaser ! Or did you think the challenge was too easy? Then tag your friends to show them how much of a genius you are!

Riddle’s comments :

first you put the bucket on the floor upside down, stand on it. take the cup and spoon with you. hold the cup towards an open window and spoon some sun into the cup. then QUICKLY throw the cup of burning sun at the bathtub and all the water will evaporate. very simple.

If you like playing with water then go inside the bathtub and empty it with a spoon.

I use the tub drain after i play with the cup and spoon

Nicholas: The quickest way to empty the tub is to pull the plug on the drain.

That really depends on a lot of things. The flow rate through the drain, how much water you can scoop up and how far you have to carry it before dumping the bucket out (and where). I assume you’re not just dumping the water on the floor.
An average round bucket will not be able to get all the water out, and becomes very inefficient once the water gets shallow, because it cannot be filled (due to geometry issues). This reduces the water removed per bucket cycle.
The best and only sure answer is both at the same time.
That way, each method contributes something to speed up the process.

Are you cramped for time?
The risk of spillage aside. It would empty faster if you turned it up side down.
No really it’s going to depend on what IS in the tub. Water, dirty water? It might be healthiest if you just let the drain do its work. If it drains slowly try plunging it or pour in some drain cleaner. If your determined to Empty it quicker then bailing with a bucket is an option. Too many variables to tell you which is faster.

Assumption, assumptions.
⦁ Does the bathtub have a drain with a plug on the bottom ?
⦁ What is the temperature of the water (will I burn myself?)
⦁ Is the drain clogged?
⦁ What if the pH of the water?
⦁ Are my options limited to a bucket, a cup and a glass?
⦁ Is the cup oblong?
You cannot fully empty a bathtub with only a bucket, a cup and a glass.
Start with the bucket until the amount of water you can scoop is less than the glass. Switch to the glass until the glass can hold not more water than the cup.
Wait until the remainder is evaporated.

I have not looked at the other answers yet, but the answer is obvious.
Pull the plug on the bathtub and let it drain as it would normally.
I guess technically you could pull the plug and use the bucket….

There’s a bathtub filled with water in front of you. You have cup, a glass and a bucket. What is the fastest way to empty the bathtub?

While I’m sure this is more of a riddle and pulling the plug is the answer, the quickest way would be to pull the plug and then begin bailing water with the bucket.

What’s The Fastest Way To Empty A Tub After Bathing?

This may seem like a weird question to most of you. In fact, it may seem utterly stupid to many people. Emptying a bath tub? Come on now…. just drain the water out of it and it’s empty, right?!

Emptying a tub is very easy, obviously, but what’s the fastest way to do it? How can you empty it faster – draining it while still sitting inside or stepping out and letting it drain then?

As it turns out, a very basic physics equation can help you drain your tub fast. However, first we need to understand a very important term related to this concept…

Hydrostatic pressure

In simple words, hydrostatic pressure is the pressure exerted by a fluid at equilibrium at a given point within the fluid, due to the effect of gravity. It has a proportional relationship with the height of the liquid; in other words, hydrostatic pressure increases as a fluid’s height from the surface increases. This is because, as the height increases, its weight increases due to the enhanced effect of gravity.

Now, for the million-dollar equation:

You Have A Bucket, A Cup And A Spoon: What Is The Fastest Way To Empty The Bathtub - Answer revealed

where ‘P’ represents pressure, ‘p’ (pronounced as ‘rho’) represents the density of the fluid (water), ‘g’ represents the acceleration due to gravity, and ‘h’ represents the height of a liquid (water level in the tub).

As you can see in the equation above, pressure at a certain height, say ‘h’, is directly proportional to the sum of the atmospheric pressure and a product of the density of the liquid, acceleration due to gravity, and the height of the liquid. This means that the higher up a fluid is (in this case, water), the more pressure and potential energy it possesses.

Furthermore, hydrostatic pressure at a given height doesn’t depend on the shape of the container enclosing the liquid; only the depth influences the pressure.

Hydrostatic pressure of a liquid is independent of shape of the container in which it’s enclosed
You might already know that under standard conditions, more height translates to more velocity of ejection for a liquid. Consider a water filter, for example. You have surely noticed that when it’s full, water comes out with maximum speed from the tap.
Also, have you ever wondered why they always put a tap near the base of a filter, or any fluid container, for that matter? What’s wrong with installing it somewhere near the top? Wouldn’t it be more convenient up there (for a person of normal height) than stooping to fill your mug?

The speed of water depends on its height in the container
This is true for the same reason again… more height translates to more pressure and therefore more velocity of the ejected liquid.

So, how can you personally increase the height or level of water present inside the tub – by being inside it or stepping out?

Answer: You should remain inside the tub.

This is because your body displaces some of the water from its original position, so that water tries to accommodate itself wherever it finds space, thereby increasing the water level of the tub in the process.

The case of bathtubs aside, this basic relationship between height and pressure can help you in many other situations too.

Whenever you want to empty/drain a container filled with water quickly, no matter how small or large, just figure out a way to increase the water level by some means and you’ll be done a lot faster.

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